Philadelphia Eagles’ Brandon Brooks gets back into action after recovering from anxiety
January 19th, 2018
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After having missed the last two games, Philadelphia Eagles offensive guard Brandon Brooks is back in the Pro Bowl after a yearlong struggle to overcome anxiety. Brooks had been diagnosed with anxiety disorder after he would wake up on the mornings of his contests and start vomiting uncontrollably. This left him weak and costing him two games in 2016.

Brooks, 28, had then vowed to push through his condition and get the shine back in his career. His initial suspicion was that the condition was probably caused by stomach ulcers. But once it was known that it was a mental condition, he started a suitable treatment.

A year after his treatment started, Brooks was candid about his problem and how he fought over it as he addressed a high school students in Delaware recently. While talking about his struggle, he noticed a teenager at the back who seemed to be going through anxiety himself. He wanted to say something to Brook but could not, as he was “so locked up.” Brook sought him out and talked to him, and told him that it was all fine. He gave the example of his own struggles and hopes that his accomplishments to overcome anxiety would help more people.

Owing to the myths and stigma surrounding mental disorders, Brook also initially faced lack of support, rejection, and understanding from not only his teammates, but others as well. However, the treatment and recovery process have  taught him to let go of such adversities and focus on the goal instead.  “Adversity makes you stronger. Probably the biggest thing is, you realize quickly who’s in your corner. It makes you aware of what’s real and what’s not,” confessed Brook.

By returning to his promising career, Brook not only wishes to gain success and wins, but he also wishes to reach as many people as he can, and be of help to those who are experiencing the same condition as him. Through his return, he wants to encourage others to seek treatment if suffering from the condition or experiencing the symptoms. “You can overcome it, although times can seem at their darkest, brighter days are coming,” said Brook.

Understanding anxiety

Anxiety is an overwhelming condition. Characterized by constant worries and apprehensions, the condition can grow to such an extent that it hinders daily routine, thereby deteriorating its quality. Commonly confused with comparatively normal nervousness and ease, which occurs naturally when exposed to threatening or unexpected situation, clinical anxiety is much severe. A growing anxiety disorder can lead to several other health hazards, including chronic mental disorder and suicidal thoughts.

Fortunately, anxiety disorder of any type is a treatable condition. Medications and therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), are some of the commonly used methods to treat the condition. Importantly, clinical anxiety is a medical condition and cannot be determined by the presence of the symptoms. Therefore, it is essential to seek immediate medical help with the onset of the symptoms. The condition can be determined by a clinical diagnosis conducted by a licensed medical practitioner. Similarly, the mode and course of treatment are decided by the severity and duration of the condition as determined by the medical diagnosis.

If you or someone you love is experiencing symptoms, contact the Anxiety Treatment Advisors of Colorado to know more about the problem and its treatments. You can chat online or call at our 24/7 helpline number (866) 891-2539 to speak to our expert regarding the anxiety disorders treatment centers available near you.

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